A business’ ability to inform, promote and interact with their consumers has been forever changed by social media. Today, organizations can use this powerful channel to increases awareness, research markets, generate leads, receive feedback and monitor competition. In this section, we will discuss how you should utilize social media to enhance your MLM operation.

Did you know that Facebook is closing in on 1 billion active users? If Facebook were a country, it would have the third largest population in the world. It is at least ten times bigger than any other popular social network today and has no formidable competition. Long story short, Facebook is going to be around for quite a while. If you choose to use only one social network for your online campaign, you should choose Facebook.

You may use you personal Facebook account to inform family and friends of your product and business opportunity, but it really shouldn’t be your primary profile for business purposes. You want to create a profile that is specially dedicated to building a network that is interested in your business. If you try to do everything through your personal account, you will annoy your friends and seem unprofessional to your prospects. Your professional profile page should be setup so people can easily learn more about your business. You should provide all of your contact information, websites, blogs and a bio detailing your professional background.

Facebook Groups are a great way to quickly find people who share an interest in your MLM company or the MLM industry. Finding them should be easy too. Simply search for groups using relevant keywords and choose the ones most appealing to you. Obviously, you will want to join the larger groups but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the smaller ones. They may actually have more quality leads.

One thing you may notice when interacting with your Facebook groups is that the people with the most clout are the people engaging others in conversation. Facebook is not a one-way channel, so don’t ever treat it that way. If you do nothing but post your own promotional messages, you will not get much in return. The real influencers on Facebook, and all social networks, are those starting and contributing the larger conversations. Those who share other people’s content, comment on it and expand on it. Think of yourself as an industry reported and commentator. Attract people with your knowledge and enthusiasm for the business. Ultimately, the idea is to be a salesperson, it is to be an authority.

Once you have become comfortable managing a professional Facebook profile, you might consider upgrading to a Facebook fan page. A fan page will be a further extension of your professional presence and it provides the ability to let people follow you without having to follow them in return.

Twitter is a great social network for keeping the pulse of any industry or subject, and it’s also a great way to connect with other professionals. It may be the fastest way to receive large quantities of information, as it allows you to follow anyone you want without them having to approve. Use it correctly and you will be a much more informed professional and trusted source for others in the industry.

When setting up your Twitter account you want to make sure your handle is fairly easy to remember. You also might consider using a term that is relevant to MLM or your company. In addition, be sure to provide your website and a short bio. Once you’re done with these basic items, you may consider giving your Twitter page a more professional quality through design. Twitter allows you to provide your own background image for your page. Many professionals take advantage of this by providing an image that displays all of their contact information, websites, pictures of products, etc.

Once your profile is all setup, you will want to find many credible people to follow. You may start by searching Twitter using relevant search terms. Searching for information on Twitter is generally done with hash tags. For example, if you wanted to search for people talking about MLM you would search #MLM. This will give you the most accurate results. Once you have started following a few dozen people, Twitter will start providing recommendations for similar people to follow. There are also many third-party services that can assist you in finding Twitter users that share your interest.

As is the case with Facebook, the key to gaining influence on Twitter is to contribute to the larger conversations revolving around your business and industry. It is not a platform for dropping off promotional tweets and nothing else. Remember, while you may follow many people, they are not obligated to follow you in return. So you have to give them a reason to. One way to gain the attention of others is to retweet their original tweet or to mention them in tweets that are relevant. They will be notified that you have mentioned them and may follow you out of interest and appreciation. Additionally, you should share as much industry news as you can while including hashtags to provide better search capabilities. Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to amassing a great Twitter following.

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