The key to success in any sales-oriented industry is not just finding customers but keeping them as well. To keep a customer in the MLM industry there is simply one rule. Keep them satisfied. However, in the MLM industry we often want our customers to spread a positive message for us and ultimately work with us. This requires more than just keeping them satisfied. This requires going above and beyond.

People rarely talk about an experience with any business unless one of two things happens. Something goes wrong and the customer is greatly dissatisfied with the product or service, or something goes so well that their expectations are actually exceeded. People generally do not talk about experiences that just went correctly. Because MLM operations are so driven by referrals, it’s important for you to exceed expectations so people spread a positive message about your business.

Before getting into the measures one can take to exceed a customer's expectations, we should spend some time going over the basics of keeping them satisfied. This in itself can sometimes be an exhausting task but if you follow some simple guidelines your MLM business will greatly benefit.

One of the most common things people complain about is when their time is wasted. If you get someone to commit to an appointment, you better make it to that appointment, with the exception of a serious emergency. So be sure to keep your appointments extremely organized and don't push the limits of how many appointments you can make in a certain amount of time. Additionally, you should keep your presentations concise. The minor details are not important until the prospect asks for them. Furthermore, it’s very important to be able to process transactions and enroll people quickly. The more timely and convoluted these processes are, the less likely people will follow through.

This should go without saying, but it's very important to learn everything there is to know about your MLM business. The moment you get stumped on a question is the moment things become a little awkward. Make sure you learn everything about your product's history, uses, popularity, etc.

One advantage you have is that many people you will be working with already know and trust you to some degree. Keeping their trust is relatively simple. Just ensure the product or service fulfills what you say it will and fulfill any commitments you make to them. Gaining the trust of those you don't know very well is a little more involved. With this group, you should be even more focused on exceeding expectations. This is one of the fastest ways to gain a favorable position with people.

It's important to be very available to all of your customers. You do not want to keep them waiting if they have questions, want to make an order or enroll in your business. However, you must find a balance so you don't make yourself too available. If you make yourself too available, you will become exhausted. You may also give the impression that you don't have much business.

Now that we have covered the essentials for keeping your customers satisfied, we can delve into what it takes to exceed their expectations. As mentioned earlier, the idea is to create an experience that not just correct, but pleasantly unexpected. Here are some tips on how to create that experience.

One of the best ways to make a great impression on a customer is to deliver more than you originally promised. You might accomplish this by offering some sort of bonus or further incentive to do business with you. Additionally, you want to make it a point to not promise too much initially. If you promise more than you’re really able to fulfill, the customer will be disappointed, even if they get the same experience most customers do. The trick is to commit what you are very comfortable with and then deliver more as much as you can.

Another great way to exceed expectations is to be ahead of schedule. Showing up to an appointment a little early and delivering products ahead of time is usually considered a pleasant surprise. Again, this done by committing what you are very comfortable with and then going a bit further. Essentially, you are setting up an experience that will pleasantly surprise the customer.

Following up is one of the best ways to show you care about a customer’s experience. It's also a good way to extend the flow of communication between you and the customer. Even if a customer is very happy with your business, they may not take it upon themselves to reach out to you. So check in with customers periodically and consider every sale to be the beginning of a new relationship.

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